My Philisophy in Family Coaching

My philosophy of family coaching is based on the creativity search for a path to happiness for each unique individual. Recognizing our inner core and identifying our emotional intelligence level to build any link to others core.

Achieving the happy outcome for a family is like building a pyramid with solid base of mutual understanding where all members contribute in putting the blocks of values, respect, awareness and positive attitude to create a balanced structure and top it with a flag of love and happiness.

Harmony among members needs awareness, awareness of self and the difference of the other to embrace each other’s uniqueness through the performance on the theatre of life.

Transparency in the approach, looking through objective lenses and practice attentive listening will develop our knowledge about other’s needs and enlighten our way forward to get along with them and compromise for the main family objective.

My vision of balanced family is by maintaining the balance of the members, in which the main three pillars “positive attitude, experience and knowledge” are compatible.

Positive Attitude:


Skills build through years
Social exposure

Continous Learning
Critical thinking

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