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Training for Schools

Training for Schools

My perspective of schools is a creative positive working environment extended to smart customer service as a feeding foundation for the business concept. As a member of an international educational community, I always remember that parents keep in our hands their most precious part of their lives “their children” and we should honor their uniqueness and cherish their growth in the educational journey. Therefore, I created my formula of applying family coaching skills in schools to empower the relationship between the school and families, and the individual family members. Besides, I am a trained member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), in which, I joined accreditation visits to other international schools.

Since the distance between dreams and reality is called “Action”, my action was creating training sessions for schools internationally.

The training sessions are meticulously planned by the trainer Nivin and are designed in a manner geared towards the maximization of efficiency among administrative staff, parents and business objectives. After the school’s request for training, an initial assessment by coach Nivin will identify which training version will be suitable to address specific areas of the administration. The main objective of the training is to provide a balance between the professionalism in the admission office, the inner harmony of the administrative staff, creative customer service for the families, and the maintenance of the school’s budget and database. Taking into consideration basic understanding of international protocol and diplomacy applied in the different ways of communication channels.


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