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Cross Cultural Harmony-Dubai Conference

December 2014, Gems hosted the ManageBac User Group Conference. Very interactive workshops in different strands addressing various topics across the Primary Years Program, Middle Years Program, Diploma Program and admissions.

Nivin presented to the admission professionals, Cross-Cultural Harmony presentation. The session started with a global view over international schools, highlighting the statistics of international schools in the Middle East and in specific United Arab Emirates. Finding the common factor among all the international schools which is diversity and the positive impact on the learning journey of the students and staff, zooming into the individuals self awareness and the positive value added to such diverse environment in which admission personnel integrate their leadership skills, communication and EQ, into their practices to maintain the harmony of the cross cultural stories of multi national families and the wellbeing of the admission staff. The presentation ended with self-awareness activities and few coaching skills.

General Feedbacks: “You come across as a very authentic speaker, thriving with the wealth of experience you have and many stories to tell, which makes it extremely lively and engaging”-Ursula

“Enjoyed the presentation especially it was shared -Enlightening. The style of the presentation was good”-Robert

When asked about the top positive take aways from the session:

” Approach and methods of the presentation”.” Information about the big picture of the international schools on the world map and the region” – Desi.

“Great presentation! very stimulating conversations”.” How effectively to communicate with different cultures”- Kevin.

“Collective approach to parents demand”.”Practical tips offered”-Robert

“Admission has a lot to do with being positive”.”Admission includes the wholeschool”. – Ursula